06 April, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Lost Alice + King Sieghard Grimm

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

(6 Episodes)

0.01 2 CG

0.3 2 CG

0.5 2 CG

0.6 4 Present's

Chapter 1
(7 Episodes)

1.02 … 
I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. (+Best Choice)

1.03 1 CG

1.04 I won't tell anyone.
I understand what you're saying. (+Best Choice)

1.07 Love Challenge: Avatar Item
Premium:  Grimm's Body [Diamond Style]: 1 Lapis

Chapter 2
(7 Episodes)

2.02 Do you read books, too?
You're really nice. (+Best Choice)

2.03 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 50 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm 1/6)

2.07 That's all I have to say.
What's wrong with me wanting to thank you? (+Best Choice)

Chapter 3
(5 Episodes)

3.02 No way!
  … Maybe he saw the bad side of humans? (+Best Choice)

3.04 I'm here for some fresh air.
I'm here to see you. (+Best Choice)

3.05 1 CG
 (if 'Best Choice' was chosen before)

Chapter 4
(4 Episodes)

4.01 There are good people, too.
Your actions contradict your words. (+Best Choice)

4.02 Love Choice: Avatar Item
Premium: Lace Wrist Cuffs: 30 Lapis
Normal: Lace Gloves with Bows: 20 Lapis or 2,800 Wonda

4.03 Be careful.
I want to go with you! (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(8 Episodes)

5.01 I don't need to be told that.
I can see you're not very perceptive … (+Best Choice)

5.06 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 6,000 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm_2/6)

5.07 I did what anyone else would do.
I'm glad to hear that … (+Best Choice)

Chapter 6
(8 Episodes)

6.01 Is there something wrong wirh using magic?
I read about it. (+Best Choice)

6.05 There's a strange man in my room!
Stop staring at me! (+Best Choice)

6.05 1 CG

Chapter 7
(7 Episodes)

7.01 He's from Wonderland?
So that's why he's sleeping? (+Best Choice)

7.02 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 10,200 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm_3/6)

7.05 Absolutely not.
Just for a little while. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 8
(4 Episodes)

8.01 That's rude.
  (+Best Choice)

8.01 1 CG

8.03 Love Choice: Avatar Item
Premium: Castle Gate with Roses: 50 Lapis
Normal: Dark Aura: 35 Lapis or 6,000 Wonda

8.04 That seems disrespectful.
Thanks, Sieg. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 9
(7 Episodes)

9.01 Hello, Sieg.
Hello, your Majesty. (+Best Choice)

9.04 I'm going with you.
Be careful. (+Best Choice)

9.05 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 18,000 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm_4/6)

Chapter 10
(7 Episodes)

10.03 Thanks for saving me.
I'm sorry. (+Best Choice)

10.04 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 24,500 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm_5/6)

10.05 So that's the predator …
Aren't you going to chase after it? (+Best Choice)

Chapter 11
(6 Episodes)

11.02 It's too dangerous!
Take me with you! (+Best Choice)

11.03 Love Choice: Avatar Item
Premium: Grimm's Outfit: 80 Lapis -> Get a CG
Normal: Grimm's Sickle: 12,000 Wonda or 70 Lapis

11.05 Oh, dear …
I don't blame them … (+Best Choice)

Chapter 12
(6 Episodes)

12.04 Talent-n-Skill Checkpoint
Need 35,000 Sugar Point
Get: 'Wander in Wonderland' (Grimm_6/6)

12.04 Some old man gave it to me.
I think it's from Wenzel … (+Best Choice)

12.05 Don't give up!
Sieghard, you're trying to take on too much! (+Best Choice)

Chapter 13
(5 Episodes)

13.02 We have to find a way to hide it.
This could be the start of a new story. (+Best Choice)

13.04 Did they have a fight?
Is she afraid of Sieghard? (+Best Choice)

13.05 Love Choice: Avatar Item
Premium: Princess Layered Dress: 100 Lapis
Normal: Chiffon Dress: 80 Lapis or 9,000 Wonda


1. Broken Heart Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Entrance of Grimm Castle Background' [Background]

2. Promised Future Ending  = 1st Heart on the Meter + 1 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Lapis, 30x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Princess Warrior Outfit' [Her], 1x 'Princess Warrior Long Boots' [Her], 1x 'Princess Warrior Rapier' [Her]

3. Destined Love Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Lapis, 60x Power Recovery Item,1x 'Knight of Passion Outfit for Him' [Him], 1x 'Sword of Passion for Him' [Him], 1x 'Knight's Headdress for Him' [Him]

4. Complete ALL Endings for a 'Premium Picture'

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock! - Jack Stillman

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for the Walkthrough!)

Main Story


0.03  -Quiz Time-
M (Correct)

Get 3x CG's

Chapter 1: Doctor and Detective
(20 Episodes)

1.02 Think this over a little.
But I have no one else to turn to! (Best Choice)

1.03 Really? All right.
Sure. (Best Choice)

1.05 Can I trust him?
Did I miss something? (Best Choice)

1.06 Are you sure?
I'll leave it to you. (Best Choice)

1.08 Really?
Wow! (Best Choice)

1.10  -Quiz Time-
1, 2 and 3.
1 and 2. (+80x Token)

1.13 John!
Sherlock! (Best Choice)

1.15 I'm sorry.
Thank you. (Best Choice)

1.16 Can I believe you?
Strange coincidence, huh? (Best Choice)

1.17 Am I hearing things?
What do you mean? (Best Choice)

1.18 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Jack Stillman [Cute]: 5 Jewel's or 500 Tokens + 1x CG

Chapter 2: In the Underworld
(20 Episodes)

2.01 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 160pt
Get: '221B Academy: The Disappeared Trophy'

2.01 You're really responsible.
You're really kind. (Best Choice)

2.02 Thanks for inviting me.
I'm really glad. (Best Choice)

2.06  -Quiz Time-
Age 10.
Age 20.
From birth. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

2.07 (Why …?)
(I was so close …) (Best Choice)

2.08 John!
Sherlock! (Best Choice)

2.10 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Floral Pink Heeled Sandals: 10 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Black Pointed Pumps with White Bow: 5 Jewel's or 1,300 Token

2.11 Feel depressed.
Feel sad. (Best Choice)

2.13 I'm fine.
Oh, please do. (Best Choice)

2.14 You're pretty strange.
That's an interesting way of thinking. (Best Choice)

2.17 How …?
Thank you. (Best Choice)

Chapter 3: Invitation
(19 Episodes)

3.03 That sounds pretty weird.
That sounds pretty fun. (Best Choice)

3.05  -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 4,200pt
Get: '221B Academy: A Lost Dog'

3.09 He was covering it up.
He was being considerate. (Best Choice)

3.11  -Quiz Time-
Because you didn't cut it.
Because you didn't cut down the middle.
Because you cut it lengthwise. (+80x Token)

3.15 I was watching a video.
I was texting. (Best Choice)

3.16 This feels so out of the ordinary.
You just look so good … (Best Choice)

3.17 (Creepy.)
(Out of the ordinary.) (Best Choice)

3.18 (He's so … strange.)
(He's so … appealing.) (Best Choice)

Chapter 4: The Ripper, Again
(21 Episodes)

4.01 No, I didn't.
What are you talking about? (Best Choice)

4.03 That's so scary …
That's so sad … (Best Choice)

4.05 That can't be!
I'm not sure I … (Best Choice)

4.06 He's a very unique person.
He's a very kind person. (Best Choice)

4.09 You're both weird.
You're both inquisitive. (Best Choice)

4.10 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 8,000pt
Get: '221B Academy: A School Code'

4.12  -Quiz Time-
Mashed potatoes.
Glazed carrots.
Turkey. (+20x Recovery Item)

4.14 You must've been hearing things.
How did you know? (Best Choice)

4.15 You've been keeping an eye on me, huh?
You've been worrying about me, huh? (Best Choice)

4.16 … hard to understand.
 … thoughtful. (Best Choice)

4.19 I'll think about it.
I'll make something for you soon. (Best Choice)

Chapter 5: Burlesque Club
(12 Episodes)

5.01 I wonder about that.
I'm sure it will. (Best Choice)

5.03  -Quiz Time-
A little bird told him.
He could hear them.
Because they could see each other. (+80x Token)

5.06 This is sad.
This is awful. (Best Choice)

5.06 Is it because I get in the way?
Maybe he has his reasons? (Best Choice)

5.07 (I'll just get going.)
(I'm sorry.) (Best Choice)

5.08 This can't be real!
You tricked me?! (Best Choice)

5.10 -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Pink Pigtails: 15 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Asymmetric Short Hair: 10 Jewel's or 4,400 Token

5.11 (I want to look away.)
(I can't take my eyes off him.) (Best Choice)

5.12 (Is this what he's into?)
(Is he one of them?) (Best Choice)

Chapter 6: The Hidden Side
(20 Episodes)

6.04 But that's …
Catch him, huh … (Best Choice)

6.05 No way.
Oh, no … (Best Choice)

6.08 What happened?
Those two are getting along well. (Best Choice)

6.10 Get along a little better!
You two are a handful. (Best Choice)

6.11  -Quiz Time-
Because they wanted to die with the family.
Because they couldn't get to their destination anymore.
Because the accident was avoidable. (+20x Power Recovery Item)

6.12 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 15,900pt
Get: '221B Academy: Death Sauce'

6.14 No way …
Makes sense. (Best Choice)

6.15 You just can't tell with people.
I wonder what issues they had? (Best Choice)

6.17 (I can understand that.)
(I can't believe that.) (Best Choice)

6.18 How could this happen … ?
Is it because of me … ? (Best Choice)

6.19 No need to get that angry.
I'm glad you're standing up for me. (Best Choice)

Chapter 7: Distance to Jack
(20 Episodes)

7.03 This person likes to see people suffer.
This person likes beautiful things. (Best Choice)

7.04 In killing … ?
In the organs … ? (Best Choice)

7.05 Don't get excited over nothing, guys.
Neither if you is wrong. (Best Choice)

7.06 Wouldn't a surgeon be more into cut?
Does even that have some meaning to it? (Best Choice)

7.11  -Quiz Time-
Because she looked him in the eyes when she said it.
Because she said it looking at no one.
Because she said it looking at someone else. (+80x Tokens)

7.13 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 21,600pt
Get: '221B Academy: Rivals for Love'

7.14 Pretty awful way of thinking, huh?
Maybe I'm tired … (Best Choice)

 7.15 … I don't know.
I know I won't regret this. (Best Choice)

7.17 I'm just imagining things.
I've got to rethink this a little. (Best Choice)

7.17 Did you just take it without asking?
Oh, what a man I going to do with you. (Best Choice)

7.20 (My heart can't take this.)
(I liked that a bit.) (Best Choice)

Chapter 8: Night at the Party
(18 Episodes)

8.01 (He sure is loud.)
(Haven't I seen him before?) (Best Choice)

8.03 People smiling?
People in action? (Best Choice)

8.07 I want you to make me some, too!
I want you to try some, too! (Best Choice)

8.10 You're Mycroft Shawn!
You're Mycroft Sholmes! (Best Choice)

8.11Since I get to be with everyone.
Since I get to be with you. (Best Choice)

8.12 It's pretty big.
It's adorable. (Best Choice)

8.13  -Quiz Time-
Spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Both hands and both feet.
East, west, north and south. (Correct)

8.14 You look like you're enjoying yourselves.
Go easy on him, okay? (Best Choice)

8.15-Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Pink Rabbit Plush: 70 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Mother of Pearl Bag: 50 Jewel's or 7,000 Token

8.16 I guess he had to go …
That's a shame … (Best Choice)

8.17 You knew?!
You saw this coming, huh … (Best Choice)

Chapter 9: Bad Prediction
(16 Episodes)

9.01 Like all the other times?
Unlike all the other times? (Best Choice)

9.02  -Quiz Time-
Seven guests.
Nine guests.
Four guests. (+80x Token)

9.03 Sherlock, let's leave this to the police.
Let Sherlock handle this. (Best Choice)

9.05 (Why won't he come home?)
(Is he taking care of himself?) (Best Choice)

9.07 Even you will do.
I only have you. (Best Choice)

9.09 These feelings are wrong.
I feel like these feelings are right. (Best Choice)

9.10 Will that really work out?
That'll set things straight. (Best Choice)

9.12 -Sweetie Checkpoint-
Need 35,200pt
Get: '221B Academy: A Birthday Present'

9.12 There's just no way.
This is the truth … (Best Choice)
9.13 No way. I'm thinking too much.
Is it really him? (Best Choice)

9.15 Will you show me who you really are?
Will you be by my side? (Best Choice)

Chapter 10: The Truth
(14 Episodes)

10.01 I wonder what it is …?
Something's going on here. (Best Choice)

10.02  -Quiz Time-
A ring?
A flower?
Fireworks? (+20x Recovery Item)

10.04 (I just can't ask him.)
Answer me honestly. (Best Choice)

10.05 You traitor … 
But I want to believe you … (Best Choice)

10.07 You came to rescue me?
The investigation is over? (Best Choice)

10.07 Because the drugs put people at ease.
Because there's no point in pain. (Best Choice)

10.08 I guess it had to happen.
That's just cruel. (Best Choice)

10.09 Can you really just … kill someone if they're bad?
Isn't there some other reason? (Best Choice)

10.10 You're putting on an act, aren't you?
I don't understand you. (Best Choice)

10.12  -Avatar Checkpoint-
Premium: Victorian Mini Dress with Black Gloves: 130 Jewel's + 1x CG
Normal: Two Tone Midi Dress: 100 Jewel's or 8,000 Token

10.13 (Such a sad color …)
(Such a gentle color …) (Best Choice)


1. Happy Ending
Get: 5x Story Tickets, 10x Jewels, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x Hospital room [Background]

2. Blissful Ending (2 CG's)

Get: 5x Story Tickets, 25x Jewels, 200x Power Recovery Item, 1x Everyday Outfit' (Jack)

Day 11: Even in the Dream
(9 Episodes)

11.? Don't go to see Jack. (get Blissful-Ending Route B)
Go to see Jack. (get Blissful-Ending Route A)

Blissful-Ending Route A:
Jack's Ending (11 Episodes)

12.? 2 Picture's

Blissful-Ending Route B:
Sherlock's Ending (?/?)

12.? 2 Picture's

05 April, 2018

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Modern Cinderella - Keith Elliot

(*Note: Special Thanks to Cathrin for this Walkthrough!) 
Main Story

Chapter 1
(9 Episodes)

1.01 He is so cool.
He is so mysterious. (+Best Choice)

1.05 Love-Choice
Premium: Keith's Body: 5 Crystas

1.08 Hold on a second.
Yes, I'm coming. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 2
(8 Episodes)

2.01 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 100pt to pass
If passed in time: 'Limited Special Photo 1'

2.02 Don't worry about it.
Thank you. (+Best Choice)

2.06 I have to focus on work.
To be honest … I can't. (+Best Choice)

2.? 2 Picture's

Chapter 3
(8 Episodes)

3.03 What's that supposed to mean?
I'm not worried about it. (+Best Choice)

3.05 Love-Choice
Premium: Frilled Prom Dress: 30 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: See Through Veil: 20 Crystal or 5,800 Edel-Cash

3.06 It was fun.
I felt comfortable with Keith there. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 4
(8 Episodes)

4.04 Have you been getting enough sleep?
Are you okay? (+Best Choice)

4.05 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 4,700pt to pass
If passed in time: 'Limited Special Photo 2'

4.06 Jacob, did you know?
Why didn't you tell me? (+Best Choice)

Chapter 5
(9 Episodes)

5.01 He's my manager.
He appreciates me. (+Best Choice)

5.04 Love-Choice
Premium: Side-parted Updo Hair: 45 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Open-toed with Butterfly: 35 Crystal or 7,400 Edel-Cash

5.09 Stop Keith.
Stare at Keith. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 6
(9 Episodes)

6.03 What Joely did was frightening.
I have no time to be afraid. (+Best Choice)

6.08 You're so controlling.
I'm planning on telling him that myself. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 7
(8 Episodes)

7.01 I'm going to win for my career.
I'm going to win to fulfill our dreams. (+Best Choice)

7.03 I'm his girlfriend.
I'm his buddy. (+Best Choice)

7.08 Love-Choice
Premium: White Aristocratic Outfit: 65 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Chest with Amenity Box: 40 Crystal / 13,000 Edel-Cash

Chapter 8
(10 Episodes)

8.04 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 16,000pt to pass
If passed in time: 'Limited Special Photo 3'

8.05 He is my manager.
He is very important to me. (+Best Choice)

8.09 Don't smile at them.
Give them a big smile. (+Best Choice)

Chapter 9
(9 Episodes)

9.03 Turn to the audience with a big smile.
Look for Keith in the audience. (+Best Choice)

9.04 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 20,600pt to pass
If passed in time: 'Limited Special Photo 4'

9.05 You were wrong.
Just stop. (+Best Choice)

9.09 Love-Choice
Premium: On the Runway: 90 Crystal -> Get 2x CG's
Normal: Cosmetic Shop: 50 Crystal or 19,000 Edel-Cash

Chapter 10
(10 Episodes)

10.03 Thank you.
I love you. (+Best Choice)

10.04 Midnight-Checkpoint
Need 28,500pt to pass
If passed in time: 'Limited Special Photo 5'

10.07 You have to do your work.
Let me have fun, too. (+Best Choice)


1. Metamorphosis Ending = Default Ending
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Runway under Spotlights' [Background]

2. Evolution Ending = 1st Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 10x Crystal, 20x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Updo Hair with Bangs' [Her], 1x 'Multy-layered Dress' [Her], 1x 'Floral Hairband' [Her], 1x 'Two-tone Color Eyes' [Her]

3. Rebirth Ending = 2nd Heart on the Meter + 2 CG's
Get: 5x Story Ticket, 25x Crystal, 100x Power Recovery Item, 1x 'Black Dress Suit' [Him], 1x 'Shinny Pointed Shoes' [Him], 1x 'Sunglasses' [Him]

4. All Endings: 1 Picture